Pro - you ride 5-7 times a week

Pro - you ride 5-7 times a week

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The Pro care includes three services per year PLUS one at-home bike care box:

 Service includes:

- Wipe down bike (not full wash but wipe down frame)
- Lube chain
- Pump up tires to proper PSI
- Derailleur adjustments (minor)
- Bike safety check (any major issues like loose headset/etc)
- Check brake wear/remaining life
- Check chain life
- Check tire life

At-home bike care box includes:

- 32 oz. of SSB Spray n Wash (bike wash)
- 4 oz. of Wend Wax-On Liquid Lube (chain lube)
- 1 microfiber towel

*Any additional parts/labor recommended from your mechanic sold separately*